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Transatlantic Autistic duo The Companions want to know:

Do you seek hope from your sea of melancholy?

Are you an alien in the human throng, hiding behind a face that looks like theirs?

Is your ego your dagger and your downfall?

Have you been exultant in spite of all you can't forget, and crushed in spite of all you could remember?

Then The Companions have something for you.

Robin Jax (RobinPlaysChords) and Amber Bird (Varnish) are travellers from similar universes. Both are on the Autism spectrum. Both are lovers of music and fighters of demons. They find meaning in science fiction and the warped edges of a reality that seems excessive to their alien minds. It's no wonder their slowcore-inspired sound has an edge of the cosmic, and their lyrics encode the universal as lived by the extraterrestrial. They are a meeting of minds at a neurological point between Henry Cavendish and David Bowie; the Anthropologist Spiders from Mars who would love to meet you, because they think they'll blow your minds.

The Companions have slipped time and space to build a signal fire of song that brings light to the darkest corners. Let them into this brave new world. They come in peace.

New Earth one sheet
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[Photo credit: The Companions]

[Photo credit: The Companions]
New Earth album art
[Photo credit: Robin Jax]